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Eagle Run

Bald Eagles Along The Yellowstone
by Dan Hartman

Feb. 10, 2013

Iíve been hearing a lot of talk lately about how this has been a down year in Yellowstone, photographically that is. It is true wolves have been scarce. So if you are coming to the Park expecting to get a close shot of a wolf youíll probably be disappointed.

That being said, itís Yellowstone! Thereís always something going on.

Friday, Cindy and I found we had a free day so we decided to drive to Livingston for supplies. We had just emerged from Yankee Jim Canyon and had passed the Tom Miner turn off when we spotted two golden eagles on an elk carcass. Farther north another golden on a road killed deer. Then a bald eagle perched near the rest area, apparently hunting geese.

We picked out a few more eagles before we reached town.

A couple of hours later, we had finished our shopping and were on our way home again. I had decided I would look for opportunities for eagle photographs along the way.

Just south of Livingston around marker #41 four young bald eagles perched a hundred yards off the road. A deer carcass lay too near the highway for them to feed, but they just didnít want to leave it either. I got a few shots then we moved on. Another eagle perched farther south and still another at the Yellowstone Bridge. He was feeding on something on the riverbank. When I tried for a photo he took flight, but perched in a cottonwood nearby.

The goldens werenít on the elk carcass and I kicked myself for not stopping on the way up.

In Yankee Jim an adult bald eagle perched just above the river. We eased into a pull off and I laid my camera across the roof of the car. The eagle stayed as I fired photo after photo. He turned his head right and left, looked up and down catching the light in his eye now and then. Fifteen minutes later I had plenty of images to choose from.

Sometimes a person will get so caught up in trying to find that one thing that theyíll pass right by something thatís just as good. I guess what Iím trying to say is just because you donít get a chance at a wolf donít write off your Yellowstone visit as a disappointment. Be open to other opportunities.

Five bull moose have been hanging around Pebble Creek. A couple still have antlers. The rams have been good near Hitching Post. I saw thirteen the other day. Pronghorn and bighorn have been feeding just south of the North Gate.

Iím seeing good photos of otters coming from the Interior. Mostly from Canyon and Bridge Bay. The two bobcats appear now and then along the Madison and last weekend the Canyon Pack female was photographed also along the Madison.

As well as eagles up north, thereís deer and bighorn. Also the longhorn cattle make interesting subjects.

Here at the cabin the pygmy owl was good for a while. Now, however, heís gabbing smaller birds so is only here for a moment before carrying them away.
Note: We havenít seen our quilled fox lately, but now another pup has an eye problem. His left appears to bug out.


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Bald Eagle

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