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DRAMA ON THE NORTH FORK- The Story of a Moose Cow and Calf

by Sandy Sisti
June 13, 2014

On Memorial Day weekend, a moose cow gave birth to a tiny calf on an island in the middle of the Shoshone River.  There's nothing too unusual about that, since moose frequently give birth on islands to keep their helpless calves safe from predators. Unfortunately, the rapidly melting snow caused the Shoshone to rise so quickly that the cow and her calf were left stranded on the island. During that time, I watched as the mother and calf valiantly attempted to cross the raging river.   Being excellent swimmers, the cow had no problem making the crossing, but her newborn calf could not navigate the deep water of the Shoshone.  After numerous attempts and a few close calls, the cow was able to guide her calf to shore after eleven days of solitude on the island. 

You can read more about their dramatic story and see additional photos by clicking on this LINK   


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