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The Life of Scarface......

by Sandy Sisti
Nov. 3, 2015

It saddened me to read the AP story yesterday about Scarface nearing the end of his life. The 25-year-old grizzly has become a beloved fixture in Yellowstone, symbolizing the epitome of wildness in our first national park. I'm always filled with awe when I see this magnificent bear and like so many of you, I anxiously await news each spring that he has made it through yet another winter. Of course I'm hoping that will happen again this year, but after seeing him looking so thin recently, I'm afraid we will lose this grand old man. I know Scarface has surprised us before, but if it is his time, I hope he passes gently without suffering. He has given so much to us all, I pray he is allowed to leave this world with the dignity he deserves.

You can read the article about Scarface here.


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