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Christmas Moose

undecorating Christmas
by Dan Hartman

Dec. 20, 2022

     Much like Pebble Creek area, Silver Gate has been infused with moose this fall and early winter.

     Last count we've been frequented with seven.  Three bulls, a cow and a calf and a pair of youngsters that are experiencing their first winter without mom.

     Three weeks ago I was filming bulls browsing the willows when three wolves began howling across the valley.  The bulls even did some late season sparring, just for fun.

     The cow and calf, pretty much hang out between Silver Gate and the Park.

     Now, those two youngsters.

     Last winter, their mom would bring them by the cabin and then browse on the seeds from the weeds below our cabin.

     Now her offspring, on their own because she has a new calf, come by to visit every now and then, feeding on the same weeds.

     The reason I'm writing this little story is because of what happened the other morning.

     The calves were hanging around the cabin just after dawn.  One above the cabin, one below.

     Now I've taken to decorating the three little pines in our front yard.  We planted them in '92 and they are tall enough to hold light.

     The moose from above came downslope browsing along the way, when it came upon the three pines just outside our kitchen window.

     Interested in the glowing string of lights, he nozzled them with his nose.

     Then, to our disappointment, the moose stuck his head under the lights and lifted.

     Now the string is over his neck.

     He pulls to get it off and slowly undecorated the tree.

     Finally the line pulled loose and as the moose moved away, the line circled his neck until he was free.


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